Our Mission

To care for you or a loved one who wishes to remain independent in their own home,

giving the highest possible level of care and dignity while assisting with a variety of everyday tasks.

Stress Free Home Care agencie near Piedmont area Gaston County

Stress Free Home Care offers Gaston County and the surrounding Piedmont area an alternative when it comes to rehabilitation, nursing care


Ask anyone and the answer is always the same. Studies show the majority of seniors with health problems recover quicker and are much happier living in their own home rather than in a rehabilitation or nursing facility. We also assist clients in a hospital setting – usually in cases involving dementia and/or combative issues; however there are times when clients need special care and/or assistance while in a hospital or nursing facility.


What makes Stress Free Home Care different from all other home care agencies?


That is simple; our aides are superior. We only hire employees with premium and supreme skills along with outstanding personalities. We know that our aides represent Stress Free Home Care. Therefore our caregivers are meticulously and cautiously screened prior to employment. Stress Free Home Care is not a franchise. Therefore we do not have to abide by any corporate rules. We do however have to abide by the rules and regulations of the State of North Carolina (DHHR). We give each client the upmost respect, care and information to ensure quality service. Employees are screened, insured, background checked and drug tested. Stress Free Home Care will introduce the aide that will be assigned to the client’s home before the start date of services. This is called “a meet and greet”. We also have a monthly policy that each employee must complete an in-service training and attend our community service projects.


Our Promise to each client is that, I, Candi Lethcoe, President/Owner personally interview and select each aide or Certified Nursing Aide. I will never assign an employee of Stress Free Home Care to work in your home that I would not personally have care of myself or my loved ones.


Our Mission is to care for you or a loved one who wishes to remain independent in their own home, giving them the highest possible level of care and dignity while assisting with a variety of everyday tasks. We are helping people live full, independent and dignified lives within the comfort of their own home.


We are licensed by the North Carolina State Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to serve the following counties: Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba Cleveland and Mecklenburg.


Our Services include: *Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care *Medication Reminders *Elderly Ambulation Care*Assistance with Bathing *Personal Hygiene *Dressing *Vital Signs and Monitoring *Light House Cleaning *Taking out Trash *Laundry *Changing Linens *Picking up Prescriptions *Doctor Appointments *Care of  Elderly in Ambulation*Monitoring Food Expirations *Supervise Household/Maintenance *Attending Church Service *Grocery Shopping *Errands *Reinforce PT Therapy *Companionship *Reading. Additional Services Available.


FREE ASSESSMENT: After your request for services is made, a highly qualified registered nurse will visit your home to do a free assessment to evaluate your care needs.


Customized hours as needed from temporary to 24/7 Days, Nights or After-Surgery Care.


We are proud members of the Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina and the Better Business Bureau,  Montcross Chamber of Commerce and the Private Duty Association.

Premier Home home care assistance in Gastonia nc

Premier Home Health Care assistance in Gastonia, Charlotte,Denver, and Lincolnton

Finding quality home care for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful experience.  You are essentially inviting strangers into your home and trusting them to provide the best possible care.  At Stress Free Home Care, we aim to go above and beyond for each individual to ensure their health care needs are met.

We hire the best caregivers.  Our caregivers have a genuine desire to enrich the lives of the elderly.  They are safety oriented and have a variety of skills to care for you or your loved one.  They take the initiative in handling issues as they arise and report all concerns to the family and our nursing staff.  

We match our clients’ personalities to our caregivers.  It’s important for clients and caregivers to get along with and be able to easily communicate with one another.  If the client is having a problem, we want them to feel comfortable addressing it with our staff to prevent further decline in their condition.  

We provide safety monitoring.  Fall prevention is a priority at Stress Free Home Care.  Our nurse performs a safety check during the initial assessment and we offer suggestions as the client’s condition changes.  For clients who have a history of falls or have a high risk of falling, we provide ambulation monitoring and assistance.  

We provide home management.  Often times, clients are unable to manage the needs of their homes.  As part of the care plan, we list the areas in the home in need of cleaning and how often they need to be cleaned.  We sanitize bathrooms and kitchens, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, remove trash, do laundry, and much more.  

 We act as your advocate.  We can assist you in communicating your wants and needs to your family and healthcare team and we take the time to carefully and thoroughly explain your diagnoses to you.  

24 hour urgent home health care cost in Gastonia nc

Home care cost for 24 hours in Gastonia,Charlotte, Denver and Lincolnton area 


At some point we may need to make decisions for ourselves or our loved ones when living at home alone is no longer possible and more care is needed.  While  some seniors prefer the social atmosphere that a nursing home facility provides.  However, in-home senior care is still the number one form of elder care in the USA. I have found that most seniors want to live in their own homes and prefer to have family along with the help of an in-home health care agency.   In a facility there is one aide to ten residents in-home care there is one aide to one client. Studies have found that the elderly and people with disabilities are much happier in their own home. Seniors staying at home surrounded by their own things while having an aid helping with the daily activities of living.  Services provided with in-home care:  Dusting, laundry, medication reminders, personal hygiene, meal preparation, doctor appointments and much more. Some seniors may need more hands on assistance, such as ambulation issues.  Our staff can provide help to and from the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  


So the questions are: can we afford the elder care?  How much will my long-term insurance pay?  Does Medicare help cover the cost?  

If you have a long-term policy, you would need to consult your insurance agent.


Unfortunately Medicare does not cover in-home care.


Our home health care service rates


Home care services start at $18.50 and goes up to $27.00 per hour, with couple rate starting at $25.00 per hour. We do have a 4 hour minimum, you can choice from 1 day per week to 7 days per week and as many hours needed.   


4 hours per day $74.00


8 hours per day $148.00


10 hours per day$185.00


24 hours per day$444.00        ** Based on $18.50 per hour.

Spring… Whenever Cleaning…


It’s that time of the year…  the birds are singing, pollen is covering the world like a blanket, allergies are acting up, days are warmer and longer, spring is officially here.  Everyone always talks about “Spring Cleaning.”  If you are like me and have children involved in after school activities, work full time and volunteer your time it becomes “Whenever Cleaning.” 


I used to take my curtains down and wash them, clean the baseboards along with other housekeeping.  Now I can’t remember when I cleaned them last. Also, this is when I realized that I have collected entirely too much stuff over time.  When I am gone, I can’t take it with me, will my kids want it?   What’s important or special to me, may not be special or important to them.  So I decided it’s time to get rid of unwanted or unneeded items. Now is the time to declutter the house, the attic, the garage and bedrooms.  Starting with one room at a time, make four separate piles: Trash, Recycle, Donate and Keep, this will keep you more organized while you are decluttering & cleaning.


One of the main reasons your home should be clutter free is so that you can clean more efficiently throughout the year, not just at the start of spring.  When things are neat and tidy, it’s easy to clean and not miss any spots.  If your home is cluttered, it’s harder to clean and can lead to bacteria growing, which can lead to you becoming ill.  If your home has safe walking areas with no items to trip on or fall over, it’s a lot safer for you and your family. 


So many people in this world may want or need that old pair of jeans that you are never fitting in again, the coloring books your children don’t color in anymore, a pair of shoes that hurt your feet or books you have already read. If you look around, it’s easy to find a local church, battered women’s shelter or a thrift shop that helps people in your community.  All those places have a need for your unwanted items. 


If you are working and are too busy to help your parents or grandparents with “Whenever Cleaning,” it may be time to reach out to a home care agency.   Stress Free Home Care has plenty of qualified geriatric care providers that are able to help declutter, organize and clean homes, while assisting with bathing and meal preparation.  Clean, clutter free homes are safe and happy environments for elders that will help prevent falls and infections. 


Let our excellent staff provide premier home care services to help you start your “Whenever Cleaning,“ today, while providing personal care too!








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