It’s scary having a new unfamiliar person come into your home and provide care for you.  You have never seen them before, you know little about them…  On the flip side the caregiver is just as nervous, they only know the history of your health provided in the care plan created by our registered nurse.

When the CNA first meets the new client, they are nervous and hope to establish a connection with the new client right away.   Becoming familiar with the experienced geriatric care provider will help ease the nerves and hopefully create a bond of long lasting companionship.

The caregiver is wondering if you will like them, if they will be able to find cleaning supplies, make the bed the way you like it, fix food you will like to eat and make sure you do not fall on their watch.  The list of random thoughts goes on and on.  All the caregivers hired by Stress Free Home Care are the cream of the crop; they take pride in their work and want to please the client(s).  They go above and beyond duties to make sure the client is satisfied.

Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes, think how they might feel and try to make them comfortable.  Always communicate openly, let them know your likes and dislikes.  Together through open communication, the geriatric care provider and the client will get to know each other and each visit will help diminish the nervous jitters.  In just a few short weeks they will have a strong friendship established and wonder why they were ever nervous in the first place.  It’s a two way street, next time you are nervous, put yourself in a different

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