Premier Home Health Care assistance in Gastonia, Charlotte, Denver, and Lincolnton

Finding quality home care for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful experience.  You are essentially inviting strangers into your home and trusting them to provide the best possible care.  At Stress Free Home Care, we aim to go above and beyond for each individual to ensure their health care needs are met.

We hire the best caregivers.  Our caregivers have a genuine desire to enrich the lives of the elderly.  They are safety oriented and have a variety of skills to care for you or your loved one.  They take the initiative in handling issues as they arise and report all concerns to the family and our nursing staff.

We match our clients’ personalities to our caregivers.  It’s important for clients and caregivers to get along with and be able to easily communicate with one another.  If the client is having a problem, we want them to feel comfortable addressing it with our staff to prevent further decline in their condition.

We provide safety monitoring.  Fall prevention is a priority at Stress Free Home Care.  Our nurse performs a safety check during the initial assessment and we offer suggestions as the client’s condition changes.  For clients who have a history of falls or have a high risk of falling, we provide ambulation monitoring and assistance.

We provide home management.  Often times, clients are unable to manage the needs of their homes.  As part of the care plan, we list the areas in the home in need of cleaning and how often they need to be cleaned.  We sanitize bathrooms and kitchens, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, remove trash, do laundry, and much more.

We act as your advocate.  We can assist you in communicating your wants and needs to your family and healthcare team and we take the time to carefully and thoroughly explain your diagnoses to you.