We attended a Dementia seminar recently and one of the main topics the presenter touched on was how the short-term memory usually gets worse and long-term memory takes over.  What do we do with this?  Embrace it…and be creative.


Find out where their memory has them.  It could be 30, 40, or 50 years ago when they were working full-time or raising a family.  Then, try to find objects, music, or television shows that correlate with where they are.  Old pictures are great and are encouraged in home care and facilities.  A former accountant may respond well to an old-fashioned ledger and a homemaker may enjoy old recipes.  Music usually has a very effective response.


Use your imagination.  There is a great deal of trial-and-error with dementia care and no two people are the same.  Also, what is effective one day may not be effective the next.  Using this technique can help your loved one find a connection with their surroundings and where they are in their mind and ease anxiety and confusion.

By:  Elizabeth Wooten, CAN