Elderly Care

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for you or a loved one who wishes to remain independent in their own home, giving them the highest possible level of care and dignity with assisting with a variety of everyday tasks.

We are helping people live full, independent lives within the comfort of their own home. Studies show that the majority of seniors with health problems recover quicker and are much happier living in their home rather than in a rehabilitation or nursing facility. As our loved ones age, it becomes more difficult to maintain activities of daily life. Receiving care from an aide of Stress Free Home Care will give family members the ease of mind that their loved one is safe as well as assisting with everyday task. We understand that family members may have their own personal commitments such as work or even their own health issues. That is why In-Home Care has become so popular in today’s world. It may be very difficult to take time away from work to take your loved one to their doctor appointments. Our aides will not only drive the client to their doctor appointment, but will take detailed notes in order to report back to the family members.

One major issue for seniors is medications and remembering when to take them. Some do not remember to take their medications or forget they took their prescribed medications and will end up taking multiple doses throughout the day. Having an aide in the home will ensure that all medications are given correctly and at the appropriate time. Being a fall risk or being unsteady in ambulation is another major concern with the elderly. Falls are a major cause of death and injury for seniors. Having an aide in the home giving the client standby assistance with showering and dressing reduces fall risk by 90 percent.

Nutrition for seniors may also cause them some anxiety, along with weight loss and dehydration. Having a meal planner as well as a meal log will ensure the client is eating healthy. The home care aide can prepare meals or assist in the preparation.

Our Home health care Services include: Medication reminders, assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, assisting with dressing, monitoring vital signs, light house cleaning, taking out the trash, laundry, changing linens, picking up prescriptions, doctors’ appointments, monitoring food expiration, supervise household maintenance, grocery shopping, errands, reinforce PT therapy, companionship, reading, attending church or social events and much more.

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