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I recently had the pleasure of the resources of Stress Free Home Care of Stanley, NC. Aliya came to transport me to the hospital, stayed there until I was released, and drove me home. She is a lovely gal and we had a great time together. She was very professional and kind. I would use the service again and I would definitely ask for Aliya (sp?) again. Thank you so much. This made a process so pleasant for me and I couldn’t have done it alone.

Maxine Irons, Charlotte, NC.

Thank you Stress Free for the professional and loving care you are giving my precious partner.. After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010 we decided to retire and live every day as fully as possible.. Stress Free has helped us do just that and their presence in our home has made remaining there a reasonable option.

Kay Little

I recently had back surgery in March and required the service of Stress Free Home Care. They brought items to my home before I even returned from the hospital that I needed to make my recovery over the following 12 weeks burden free.
The quality of the staff and the personal attention you get from them is amazing and they deserve a five star rating.
Thank you Stress Free Home Care for caring about me.

Robin Brown

Mrs. Lethcoe and all staff,
Thank you so much for the basket of food you all sent to our mom once our dad passed. She was so appreciative. You all have provided such a great care for our parents and have made them feel like family. When we can’t be there for the daily needs of our parents, it is comforting to know that the phenomenal people in your organization are. My dad was blessed to have such good care.

The D., T., and G. Families

Thank you so very much. We are so pleased with the service we have received. Everyone is so kind and nice.


Dear Candi and Stress Free Staff,
My family and I wish to thank you first and foremost for the wonderful care you provided for Mr. M over the past 3+ years. Everyone who worked with Mr. M was professional and compassionate. I always felt he was in good caring hands. During this difficult time you continued to be supportive. The basket of fruit and the ziti meal from Sports Page was appreciated and enjoyed by all of my family. Thank you also for taking all the equipment. Knowing it will be put to good use and will help others is what we wanted. You are all wonderful people. Mr. M and I were blessed to have you as extended family. May God bless you all.

G.M. and Family

Dear Stress Free,
The day before Christmas Eve, we received a call from S. P. in a panic trying to cover all the bases as a new guardian of her Aunt and Uncle. Cindy met with her before New Years, as I was out of town, and we are waiting for her confirmation from the courts regarding funds to begin. Thank you so much for the referral! We are grateful for your support and trusting us to help the people you know and care about. We hope and pray you have an amazing 2016! Thank You!

Kandy Schreiner and Cindy Leap, Transition Tamers

Stress Free came into my families life, just when we needed them. They proposed plans and interviews with staff and help set up my dear Moms last months so she was cared for and loved. Very professional organization. I appreciated how organized the office staff as well as daily caregivers were for our family. Made life a little easier once Mom came from rehab. Her wish was to be in her home and that was accomplished with Stress Frees help.

Barbara Neal

Stress Free has been there for my parents through thick and thin and every individual at this agency has been the highest degree of kind, caring, professional, compassionate people I have ever met. I am sure there are other agencies out there that deliver quality of care, but Stress Free, every member of the staff, have become like extended family. And like family, they go beyond, care beyond, provide beyond, anticipate your needs beyond, and are that voice on the other end of the phone that understands. Thank you all for making my parents lives easier at home.

Pam Timmer

If anyone had any concern about using Stress Free Home Care, there is no need to. They are professional, trust-worthy, reliable and exactly as advertised – stress free!
I do not live near my parents and am extremely comforted knowing they have been able to help take care of my folks. I have met them at the house on numerous occasions and each time am impressed with the staff that visits. They have become like family to my parents. I have a relative that is local who also gets exposure to the company and speaks very highly of the services as well. I can only hope that when I am older and in need of assistance, I get the same kind of care that my parents get from Stress Free.
Thank you!!!!


I was most fortunate to hear a presentation about Stress Free Home Care at a community event. At that time I did not need their services, but luckily remembered them when the need arose to have help with my mother’s care. Mom needed physical assistance in order to continue living at home. Stress Free helped us to accomplish that goal. Everyone with the company both care givers and office staff were awesome. I can not express how much we appreciate the help we received from Stress Free.
My husband and I now have Stress Free providing service for his mother who has dementia. Again our goal is to allow her to stay at home and with the services that Stress Free provides, we are currently meeting that goal. The care givers are going the extra mile to keep his mom happy and to meet her needs. The office staff works diligently to make the changes that are needed in this difficult situation.
Stress Free Home Care has been there for my family and for my husband’s family. No one could be better.

Susan Carpenter

When our mother, Carolyn Kiser, fell during the night we contacted Stress Free Home Health. They came to her home the same day we called and explained all their services. A caregiver was arranged for the very next night. During the time they stayed with Mom, they promptly answered her call and helped her safely to the bathroom and back to bed during the night. The caregivers helped Mom with her bath and cooked her breakfast before leaving the next morning. During the hours they were there, they also did light housework such as laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom. Helping our mother to safely stay in her own home was priceless to us. The staff worked hard to provide caregivers that were compatible with our mother, making it easy for her to accept the help she needed. The staff shared our joy when Mom was able to stay alone again. We are grateful for the kind care they provided during our time of need.

Diane Carpenter

For over four years, my mother Virginia had the opportunity to have home care provided to her by Stress Free Home Care. My mother had suffered a stroke but because of her age still required some assistance at times especially when it came to movement from the bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to chair was focused daily by each CNA. The wonderful CNA’s from Stress Free Home Care were always timely, dependable and courteous. The staff from Stress Free Home Care not only made her physical care a number one priority but her emotional and rehabilitation assistance were addressed on a daily basis. This offered me, her daughter and caregiver, the chance to run errands, perform daily functions and have some personal time while they were performing their duties. During my absence the CNA’s would not only tend to her personal/medical needs but would read magazine stories to her, amuse her with games and puzzles or just converse with her and exchange thoughts and ideas which later developed a friendship with them individually. My mother was treated with the utmost respect and kindness by the staff at Stress Free Home Care. When she passed, everyone that my mom had touched and who had worked with her from Stress Free Home Care were present to pay her final respects some only being able to spend a brief moment with her because they were on duty elsewhere. This further exemplifies Stress Free Home Care’s compassion and caring. As a daughter and caregiver and someone that valued the service received from Stress Free Home Care, I would give them a rating of EXCELLENT!

Nancy M. Owens

Stress Free Home Care always has good customer service for both my mom and I. They always have friendly and reliable staff. They give my mom the best care on a daily basis with the utmost attention to her needs.


Our family feels Stress Free Home Care lives up to your name. The care we saw given by your staff to our daddy helped make our journey easier. Each person that we met from Candi to each staff member made a lasting impression on us. They all showed caring, concern, compassion and a love for what they do.

Thank you and we are telling others about your company.

M. Family

Many thanks to all for the extra personal care for my wife while I was hospitalized. Stress Free Home Care sure gave me a comfort of mind.

Best Regards to All.


Stress Free Staff,
We want to say thank you for the excellent care your staff has given to my husband. All the caregivers are compassionate, concerned and professional. My husband feels comfortable with them and I feel confident leaving him. We feel blessed to have found Stress Free.

G. & K

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